Bonfire – Summary Thoughts

Here are some summary thoughts from our message this week at Grace Fellowship:

  • Seasons have the potential to make or break us.
  • Seasonal fades often lead to long-term failures.
  • Make sure Jesus is at the center of your summer plans.
  • Why wouldn’t you want Jesus in the center of your summer plans when God > all things?
  • In the “God off” between Ahab and Elijah, God reminds us that He is worthy of worship.
  • This summer – cause some trouble for Jesus.
  • This summer – jump off the fence and pick a side.  Quit wearing the hat that serves you best at the time.
  • This summer – show off – not you, but show off God.  Point people to His swag.
  • The secret to a better summer is a bigger God.
  • Pray this prayer and share with someone that you prayed it – God, give me the wisdom, strength and discipline to keep you at the center of my summer plans.  Help me to live in such I way that I remember YOU and your ways are greater than all things.  I want you to be BIG this SUMMER because I know that a seasonal fade can lead to a long-term failure.
  • Never forget that in Jesus it is all already done – and that His grace can quench and cover any sin we have ever committed.

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