You are blessed to be a blessing.   There is something awesome in our lives that happens when we shift from being ego-centric to others-centric.  Being a blessing to another person is really not as hard as we often make it.  I want to encourage you to try and make some one’s day better this week.  Here are some ideas.

  • Take some one to lunch and just tell them how much he or she means to you
  • Write someone a note and tell him or her something you appreciate about them
  • Drop off some groceries for a family and tell them you were thinking about them
  • Go watch a couple’s children so that they can go out on date night
  • Buy a person a gift card and tell him or her that you just wanted to help out
  • Cut your neighbor’s grass (ask first, people can be crazy about their yards)
  • Wash your spouse’s car and send him or her a text saying you love them
  • Bring in ice cream sandwiches to your office at work

Little acts of caring done lots of times speak a loud message.  Take a shot with one of these this week.

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