That’s Me

I am putting my son to bed last night and he sees that the NBA playoffs is on.  He looks at me and says can I stay up and watch it.  It was already long past his bed time.  I said “sorry buddy, but it is bed time.”  He looks at me and then says “I never get anything that I want.”  As he said this, I was super frustrated, and then I paused and then I saw myself in him.  Here is the context and here is why…

  • On Saturday – Kaden got to go see the movie Epic.  And while there he got to eat a big bag of Skittles
  • On Saturday – he got to to out to eat and enjoy a particular food he loves
  • On Saturday – he got a new pair of shoes and a new Indians hat
  • On Sunday – he got to play soccer with his family and some friends for about 2 hours
  • On Monday – he got Tim Hortons for breakfast (which he loves)
  • On Monday –  he got Long John Silvers for lunch (which he loves)
  • On Monday – he got two new shirts including a Pac Man shirt he wanted
  • On Monday – he got to go to a Reds/Indians game where he got a snow cone, popcorn, and a drink
  • On Monday – he ate pizza out with his cousins, aunt, uncle and family
  • On Monday – he got Dairy Queen

Here is the thing. Kaden is just like me.  I am so selfish that I can get what I want all the time and yet I still feel owed.  It would do many of us a lot of good to step back and see all of what we already have before we complain about what we still need.

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