That Day – Summary Thoughts

Here are some of the key thoughts from the message this past weekend:

  • The reality of that day needs to shape the reality of this day.
  • Much of what we do would change if we lived in light of the fact that we will stand before God and give an account.
  • Living for that day begins when you as understand that as a Christian you have a new worldview.
  • A Christian worldview gives a person a different target for what matters and what success is.
  • New targets means you change how you leverage your resources.
  • When we live for that day, it doesn’t make sense to do things today like we used to. The old ways seem silly.
  • Solomon had more “er” and “est” than you will ever have. When he got to the end of a life that you and I could only dream of, he stated that the purpose of being a human is this: fear God and keep His commandments.
  • Recognize the supremacy of God.
  • Recognize that God’s ways for approaching life are indeed the best way to approach life.
  • When we live the way Solomon suggests, we are both encouraged by God’s grace and excited to see Him face to face.
  • The reality of that day leads us to wanting to do what God wants us to do more than what we want to do.
  • People are going to talk about your legacy once you are dead. What are the 5-8 things you want them to say?  Make a list today and see if you are living with that day in mind.

One thought on “That Day – Summary Thoughts

  1. Such a great reminder! Just listening to the radio today about the intensity we put into our work the day before vacation, and just remembering how we should be putting that same intensity into our Christian walk “as we see that day approaching”! Thank you for the reminder!

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