Zone 3

Here are some random thoughts about flying that hit me last week:

  • Why don’t they load the plane from back to front?  Someone really needs to explain this to me.
  • People who do not turn their electronic gear all the way off and just put them on airplane mode, make me nervous.  I am pretty convinced that they are going to cause the plane to go down because they are just too lazy to power all the way down.
  • Airline companies are getting more creative with their whole flight attendant presentation, but it ends up feeling like they are trying really hard.  (Be sure you watch the video on your next Delta flight)
  • Because some many companies are charging for bags now, there is never any room in overhead storage if you are in zone 3 and you have to check your bag.
  • Almost all flights I have flown on in the last 3 months have been completely full.
  • I am not sure how they determine the zones, but I am always in zone 3.

And zone 3 brings me to the point of this post.  Zone 3 is just lame.  When you are in zone 3, you get a pretty lousy experience.  The one positive is that you sit on the plane for the shortest amount of time before it departs, but outside of that, it is a bummer.  People look at you like hurry up and you feel like they are thinking, “hey pal, if you would sit down, we could leave.”  Overhead baggage is usually full and if it is not, you have to place it pretty far from your seat.  You end up being that person who has to squeeze in across the two people that are already seated.  I could keep going.  As I thought about this, a thought hit me.  Sometimes in our lives, we treat individuals and certain groups like zone 3.  Do not be the kind of person that treats others like they are zone 3.  What would happen if we treated every person and group with first class treatment?  People might just valued and since they are valuable, they should be.

2 thoughts on “Zone 3

  1. in the “old days” – they USED to board from the back! On southwest, if you are in the “C” group (as one attendant explained) the “C” stands for “Center seat” cuz that’s all that’s left! (Flying is the only time being handicapped gets you preferential treatment. Except if there’s an emergency. Then I was told, “You know, if we have to evacuate, you’ll be the last one out of the plane.” It’s one thing to think that voluntarily… another to be TOLD!

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