What if…

I was reflecting on some stuff I was reading.  It got me focused on some helpful questions that I began asking myself.  I thought I would ask you what I am asking myself.

What if…

  • What if you gave people the same kind of grace that you gave yourself?
  • What if you worked as hard to create character in your children as you do intellectual and athletic competency?
  • What if you really quit buying what you do not have money to afford?
  • What if you invested in a younger person the way you wish someone had invested in you?
  • What if you admitted that you are living your life through your children?
  • What if you spent as much time reading as you do watching television?
  • What if you prayed as much as you worried?
  • What if you were as creative in showing love to your spouse as you are to creating that thing at work?

What if we all made some real changes to these “what ifs” in our lives?

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