You Too


Most of the things about pastoring a growing church are awesome.  But there some things that are challenging and frustrating.  I want to highlight just one of those (some of the others are good content for another blog).  But there is one I want to pick on.

As our church has grown and we have made certain choices to be the kind of church we are and want to be, there has been the creation of more infrastructure.  There is a machine if you will.  That machine, that infrastructure, the ministry, takes resources.  Those resources include money, training, and people.  It is the people-side of this equation that I want to focus on.

There are hundreds of people who make Grace Fellowship happen every week.  They lead groups.  They watch kids.  They serve in our community.  They volunteer at the office.  They spend time with our ministry partners.  They make coffee.  They set up stages.  They run cameras and lights.  They teach children.  Hundreds of these faithful people.  Week in and week out.  But I have noticed something, over time they become part of the set and the structure and the process and they almost become faceless.  In fact there are so many now, that there are many whose names I do not know.  Many who are faithful and need other faithful people to invest in them.  Many who are hurting, but are serving anyway.  Many who have done what they have done without a break for months.  And yet, so often, I walk by and say nothing or do not even notice because they now blend in.

I have been convicted by this.  I have been challenged.  I need to change.  And in your world, you may need to change.  Make every effort to appreciate those that could feel like you are taking advantage of their service.   Do not take advantage of your wife, your husband, your mom, your dad, you friend, your boss, your volunteers, your coworkers, your assistant, your local civil servant, and so on.  Instead, make an effort to say I value you.  I honor you.  I thank you.  I appreciate you.

And know this…if you serve, I appreciate you…and you too.

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