Instructions for Easter

This post is designated for those people who attend Grace Fellowship.  On Sunday we are celebrating Easter.  As most people already know, Easter services are highly attended.  It is awesome.  I am so excited to see what God does this weekend at Grace.  I hope you are as well.  With all of the guests and crowds, I wanted to provide some thoughts/ instructions to help make each person’s experience (especially our guests) as awesome as possible.

  • Be patient and gracious.  Seating will more than likely be tight.  People will arrive early.  “Your” seat may be taken.  People will be saving seats.  There will be folks getting in and out of rows.  Just accept it.  Just chill.  Love them.  We want our guests to see Jesus and one of the ways that happens is with how you treat them before and after service.    
  • Use the overflow space.  We are creating an overflow space in the commons (the cafeteria) at the high school.  Once the auditorium is deemed full, we will be sending people there.  If you are willing to go there right away, we will come and get you and take you to the auditorium right before service starts if we have space.  Giving up your seat is a way you can serve guests.  IF YOU HAVE A GUEST, WE WANT TO MAKE SURE YOU ARE IN THE AUDITORIUM.  But if you do not have a guest, consider going to overflow if we need it.  And once we are full, there will be no questions (there is fire code and space restrictions) that people must go to overflow.
  • Honor the volunteers.  More than likely they are doing what they are told.  Please do not get mad at them if they say the room is full or that you need to wait a second or you can not go that way or whatever.  They are trying to serve you within the vision and direction of leadership.  It does no good to take stuff out on them.
  • Invite a friend.  I want to continue to push you to take this step.  I know some of you are making generic requests on Facebook or Twitter, but I want to push you to be specific.  Make the ask and make a plan. Tell them where you will meet them.  Walk with them to check in for NEXT.  Give them a sense of what to expect.  (Reminder:  Kid’s programming for 6th grade and under is normal, and there is no junior high this week.)
  • Bring hygiene items to donate to the Pickerington Food Pantry.  We are collecting razor, shampoo, soap, deodorant, etc.  Please bring and drop the items off in the marked bins.
  • Pray.  We need you to pray that God will move.  Pray that all the details and planning come together.  Pray that people who invite will have willing recipients of the invitation.

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