Injuring the Injury

A little over a week ago, I pulled my hamstring playing basketball. (I know, I know, I am getting old and father time never loses a game…I get it.)  It was extremely frustrating and painful.  I was in the middle of a tournament game in a league I was playing in and I had just completed one month of P90X and was down 10 pounds.  I had to quit playing the game and I knew I was not going to be able continue my workout regiment for several weeks.  For the next few days until now, I have been very careful not to do things that will agitate my leg.  No working out, no quick sudden movement, extra attention to how I get up and down out of seat, a special awareness when playing with the kids, and so on.  Why?  Because we should try to protect vulnerable areas from unnecessary further pain.  This is true with my silly leg and it is true with real trauma in your life.  When you have been wounded or are injured, you need to watch that you do not injure the injury.  Give yourself time to heal and rehab.  Do not rush getting back on the court again.  Avoid choices that are going to put you in a place where you are hurting what needs healed.

  • If you have just gone through a terrible relationship where you got wounded, you may just want to stay away from relationships for a season.  
  • When you are vulnerable in the area of substance abuse, stay away from friends, situations and places that open yourself up to aggravating the injury.
  • Money is tight and you are a spender, so avoid the mall or Target.
  • Do not chase another step on the corporate ladder right after you just got burned out at your last job.

Sometimes the greatest damage we experience is the damage we do to ourselves when we pick at the wounds  that are not yet ready for the battles of life.  Protect what is injured.  Rehab and come back stronger.

2 thoughts on “Injuring the Injury

  1. Thank you for this message! It makes perfect sense. I hope and pray to remember this advise, as well as to share it with those who need it!

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