With the internet, you can find statistics for almost anything.  Marriage, finances, crime, movies, sports and consumer products all leave their wake of statistics to be read and analyzed.  So many statistics we find are negative and to be honest, flat out depressing.  We see what happens with families that do not eat meals together.  We read about divorce.  Or we take in the realities of children raised without dads.  All of these make us shake our heads.  Other statistics are awe inspiring and downright challenging.  Here is what happens to people who exercise regularly.  Look at what takes place in the lives who regularly read.  You see how much more effective you can be if you sleep a certain number of hours.  These type of stats encourage and influence behavior for the better.  Here is the thing: stats are built on people’s choices, habits and patterns.  These realities are also built on how we handle adversity, trials and curve balls in life that we did not expect.  But whatever our current reality, we can make changes to make a difference. Make a decision today, what kind of statistic do you want to be?  Once you have made that decision, live from there.

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