We have been reminded through some marketing over the past few years that are some things in life that are priceless.  Now whether or not you agree with what Mastercard has determined to be priceless, you would almost certainly agree that there are things that are worth more than any pile of money.  We underestimate the power of these things in our lives to help us and overestimate our ability to be “fine” without them.  Because these things are so incredibly valuable, we should do whatever we can to help them show up in our lives and in the lives of others.  Priceless people work hard to cultivate priceless things into our world. Here is a list of some things that are just priceless:

  • Parents who are lovingly present in the lives of their children.  
  • Friends who are willingly to say the hard thing to you while still accepting you for who you are.
  • A job that you allows you to provide for those you love.
  • People (family, friends, leaders, coaches) who are willing to invest in you so you can be a better version of yourself.
  • The clear directions and guidance the Bible provides for a meaningful life.
  • The life-giving nature of serving others who have no way of serving themselves.
  • Kids who are walking with Jesus on their own accord.
  • People who pray for you without asking.
  • The ability to become fully comfortable in your own skin so you are comfortable living without trying to satisfy others in order to satisfy yourself.
  • An understanding that I am more messed up than I could ever imagine, but that God loves me more than I could ever comprehend.

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