Warning – Danger Ahead

There are certain signs at certain places where we are warned of impending danger.  Watch the curves ahead or high voltage or do not touch the surface is hot and so on.  These warnings help us steer clear of potential danger that can really harm us.  Here are some warnings regarding some potential impending dangers in your life and in your relationships.

  1. when you are consistently using “us versus them” language
  2. when several people you love and respect are giving you consistent advice and direction and you ignore it
  3. when you start believing everyone else has it better than you
  4. when the majority of your comments about a person or a thing are negative
  5. when you are regularly operating from a place of fatigue
  6. when you become unteachable and/or unwilling to dialogue about a topic
  7. when bitterness or jealousy is driving your thoughts and decisions
  8. when you keep trying to do things you are not gifted to, but you want to be like “him” or “her”
  9. when you are evaluating your performance based what you did years ago
  10. when you begin to see and think about people as objects to carry out your agenda and not as people

Heeding these warnings could make you a more effective dad, worker, friend, citizen and just all around person.  You may also just be spared from some major pain.

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