But It’s Today

I participate in a fair amount of social media.  As I read tweets, Facebook and check out Instagram I see a common theme especially among the under-25 crowd in what they share.  I consistently read posts with a common theme that says “I can’t wait for _____________________.”  It may be as simple as today is Monday and I can not wait until Friday.  Or it can be January and there are comments about how I can not wait until spring break or summer.  When I read these, I hear more than excited anticipation.  In fact there are times where this is stated.  These statements indicate a desire to just pass through time in the Delorean with Marty and Doc (sorry for the Back to the Future reference) and just go forward to these events.  It is a desire to just be there already.  This may sound like a silly observation or even a trivial thing to write a blog post about.  But I think something dangerous is happening.  We miss the power and the potential of today, because we are longing for tomorrow.  We need to be in the moment.  There are great things for us today.  I am not saying do not plan or anticipate, but let’s be honest about an unhealthy longing for the “then” that keeps us from going all out now.  Today has enough opportunity, lessons, trouble and joy.  Do not wish it away.

2 thoughts on “But It’s Today

  1. That made me think of that saying “sufficient unto the day are the cares thereof” or something to that effect; because I am living in–I want to fast-forward today–and then I get my wish and wouldn’t you know it–some new trouble. Had I just learned to live in the moment and enjoyed the cares of that day I could have spared myself some early concerns. I hope I am making some small amount of sense.

  2. Amen! Today is the only day we have. Even when today is a very uncomfortable place to be, filled with doubts and anxieties. These doubts and anxieties that may be present now have the power to transform us IF we allow ourselves to experience them and watch God at work.

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