Frustrating Followers

Leading people is tough.  It just is.  I do not care if you are a coach, a CEO, a teacher, a parent or a non-profit organizational leader.  Taking people somewhere is both incredibly rewarding and incredibly frustrating.  But just as it can be extremely frustrating for those driving the bus, it can be even more for those who have jumped on board and who are trying to willingly go where you are taking them.  There are some consistent things that many leaders do that will consistently frustrate their followers.  If you want to have frustrated followers and you want to slow down the potential of your organization, practice these:

  1. Do not be authentic about your inadequacies and fears as a leader.
  2. Constantly compare yourself to everyone else who does what you do.
  3. Avoid really caring about those you are leading.
  4. Have little passion for the mission of your organization.
  5. Foster a boring, humor free environment.
  6. Ignore any complaints and grumbles from those you lead.
  7. Rule by fear.
  8. Stay put with your own personal leadership development.

One thought on “Frustrating Followers

  1. Leading a flock of sheep has to be one of the hardest jobs ever. You and the staff at Grace do a great job of keeping us all in the fold. I pray God will continue to bless you as you lead us in these very trying times.

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