Slowly Falling

There are sudden collisions and accidents.  Some things come out of no where and side swipe us.  These things rearrange our world in an instant.  We begin to contemplate what and who we value after some of these situations or how we are spending our time or money.  We get jolted.  This happens and it may just work.  But I want to propose something.  I am pretty sure, at least in my experience, that something happens to us that is often more dangerous than a sudden, out of left field crisis.  It is the slow fall, or fade or the drift.  The reality is that most of us do have sudden crashes that wake us up.  This is because most of get so good at navigating life that we can avoid major disruptions. However, even though we do not crash, we end up in destinations we never really wanted to.  Something happens that most of us do not even notice.  We do not drive recklessly to the wrong location, we slowly fall and fade from our desired destination and end up at the wrong place.  We never intend to be 40 pounds over weight.  We do not set out to be absent fathers.  We do not say we will miss church for 2 months straight.  We do not hope to be just functional partners who are really strangers with our spouse.  Be we end up at all those places.  And not because we jerk the wheel quickly, but because we slowly drift, and it is not checked.

2 thoughts on “Slowly Falling

  1. It’s easy to drift if you don’t stay focused. I find it very easy to stay focused when I am thankful for what I have. Every morning when I get in my truck, I thank God for what I have and that His will be done in my life. Being humble is the key to staying focused. Put something other than yourself first, and you will find the meaning to each day. Looking outward makes it impossible to put your needs first. Look outward and it is very obveous what needs to be done. This is how I start my day, and I have been blessed by visions of what I can accomplish. Please don’t think that I accomplish the things that are made so clear to me, but it certainly keeps me focused on the most important things I face each day.

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