#10 of 15

Time to continue our series of posts on maturing/ mature disciples.  I am hoping many of you are finding this list helpful.  Here are the traits/ characteristics we have covered so far.

  1. Engages in regular conversation with God
  2. Lives out life that is others focused
  3. Dispenses forgiveness quickly
  4. Presents a teachable disposition for life and ministry
  5. Has a missional mindset and focus
  6. Owns the ministry of the local church
  7. Processes life and decisions through the Bible
  8. Rests in the sovereignty of God, especially amidst trial
  9. Leads his or her children in the ways of the Lord

#10 – Encourages others

Those who love Jesus and are serious about following him take to heart the potential impact they can have on others.  Christ followers understand the power of words and actions.  As I tell my children all the time, words and actions can inflate or deflate, so choose wisely.  Disciples of Jesus want to leverage that power to build up.  They work hard to be someone who others are happy to see when they walk into a room.  Through notes, texts, intentional conversations, and public affirmation Christians encourage and support others.  This is not an event, but a lifestyle.

I dare you to attempt with your children and with coworkers to state 9 encouraging thoughts for every 1 admonishing thought.

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