Abortion Clinic

That is a title that will get people’s attention.  I am not trying to create shock value, but provide a title that makes sense to this post.  It is has come to my attention in the last 24 hours that a new women’s clinic is coming to Pickerington.  (The rumor on the street is that this clinic was going to provide abortions.  There is already information that states this is not true.  Either way, this post I think may be helpful to think through this issue.) Pickerington is a community that I have grown quite fond of for many reasons.  The primary impetus for my love for Pickerington is that the church I pastor is located in this suburb.  I love this city, the people and the future of this community.  I really do.

When situations like this present themselves, I find myself in a weird place.  I am a pastor of fairly good sized church and as such my thoughts, actions and opinions walk and blur a line of personal and organizational.  If I show up at a local meeting to ask questions about a city decision or complain about an issue, it can be perceived as though my position is that of Grace Fellowship.  On the other hand, silence and absence or a lack of involvement in speaking or showing up can be perceived as indifference or maybe even worse an intentional approval of certain movements or works.  This puts me (and others) in a challenging place.

Here are some key thoughts that relate to this issue.  Please know these are my thoughts and these may or may not reflect other key leaders at Grace Fellowship.

  1. I 100% believe that abortion is wrong.  I would not call this my position.  I believe that the Bible teaches this and even when it is unpopular, I side with the Bible.
  2. An individual can and should exercise their right to be a part of a governmental/ political process that he or she feels led to.  Keeping in mind, your decision may not be my decision.  Furthermore, I believe the appropriate model for political engagement is to be by the individual not by the institution of a local church body.  So to clarify, if individuals from Grace Fellowship want to be involved in protesting this clinic’s presence, I support that, but I do not think that Grace Fellowship as an organization should create the momentum and energy for people to state their disagreement in this type of situation.
  3. There are ways to voice and demonstrate disagreement that do not include public picketing or demonstrations.  These are indeed ways and people have the right to exercise and may feel led to choose them, but for me personally I do not go this route.
  4. Please remember that if you are a Christian, the way you demonstrate your disagreement can and should reflect Jesus.  In the public arena, remember you represent your family, your church and your  God.  Behave appropriately in how you talk and interact.  (For instance, be careful not to look rude in your Grace Fellowship blue T-shirt)
  5. Never forget that America is a place of freedom and free enterprise.  This means there are procedures and processes that protect business opportunities we believe in and that we do not believe in.  And in some cases, the procedure and reality of freedom will allow things we do not necessarily want.  This is freedom and true tolerance and sometimes our personal opinions are irrelevant because there are processes that the local government has that make the decision for them.
  6. For me and my influence, I will try and leverage the grace of Jesus into the lives of the women who may or may not choose to have an abortion at this clinic.  So I plan to contact the clinic if it does indeed come to town and let them know that we are here for them no matter what decision they make.  We just want to care for and serve them as people.

4 thoughts on “Abortion Clinic

  1. Dear Pastor Keith,

    While doing an online search regarding the abortion clinic in Pickerington I came across your blog titled “Abortion Clinic” and would like to comment on your thoughts. The clinic opened this week and their website states that they do provide abortions.
    1. Abortion is 100% wrong and clearly the Bible teaches this throughout the scriptures. This isn’t just my belief, this is truth. I’m glad we both side with God’s Word.
    2. While there are laws allowing abortion in our country, abortion is far more than a political issue. Abortion is the most serious moral flaw of our nation. Technology has enabled everyone to clearly see that abortion is not the removal of a blob of tissue; it is the elimination of human life. As a shepherd of a flock of God’s children, why wouldn’t you want to create energy and momentum to mobilize people to action?
    3, 4, 5. I agree, picketing and demonstrations should only be done by those who feel led and should reflect Christ likeness. Anger and intimidation are not the way to change hearts for those considering abortion. But I don’t quite understand your statement regarding tolerance in your fifth point. Abortion is wrong, period. That’s not a personal opinion. We are to extend grace but not at the expense of throwing out truth. I don’t think we should have a tolerant position on a business that continues in the practice of abortion. That would not be very Christ-like.
    6. I really appreciate your position of leveraging the grace of Jesus into the lives of women who may or may not choose to have an abortion at this clinic. And I agree as Christians we are to be there for women who have chosen to have an abortion as well as those who haven’t. But as Jesus demonstrated righteous indignation at the money-changers in the temple, I believe as His disciples we need to maintain the same indignation with regards to a business that takes the lives of innocent babies. Let’s not show grace without including truth.
    I don’t have the answer on how to stop the practice of performing or promoting abortions. Violence and hatred aren’t the answers. Surely it starts with prayer and seeking God’s wisdom. And I certainly think it wise to inform our neighbors that this facility does participate in the termination of human life and to do all we can to discourage anyone from doing business with Complete Healthcare for Women until they repent or go out of business.

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