#9 of 15

Onward march.  We continue to the journey of laying out the traits of a mature/maturing disciple.

  1. Engages in regular conversation with God
  2. Lives out life that is others focused
  3. Dispenses forgiveness quickly
  4. Presents a teachable disposition for life and ministry
  5. Has a missional mindset and focus
  6. Owns the ministry of the local church
  7. Processes life and decisions through the Bible
  8. Rests in the sovereignty of God, especially amidst trial

#9 – Leads his or her children in the ways of the Lord

If you are blessed by God to receive children, you are are privileged to endure one of the most awesome and challenging opportunities any person could receive.  Any individual to whom the Lord gives kids needs to be reminded that God refers the chance to be a parent in the context of the words like blessing, reward, gift and heritage.  God granting the opportunity to be a parent is awesome.  It is one we should approach quite prayerfully and passionately.

Parenting is and can feel so overwhelming.  There are so many choices to make.  What should I have him or her or them involved in?  How many days in sports or dance or piano or whatever.  How much time and focus should be devoted to academics and shopping and new experiences.  This list could go on and on.  But while there is much debate as to what we should or should not do, there is one thing that we should be clearly doing as Christians.  Christian parents should put a primary focus on leading their children to see, know and follow God.  You get the privilege of being a means of grace to your kids.  You get the awesome opportunity to raise and connect with the next generation of the church.

No parent can force and make their children love Jesus.  But we can be so personally in love with Jesus and we can be worshiping and making much of Him in ways that are clear to our kids and are attractive to our kids. We can be modeling and leading our kids with the way we plan and organize our lives.  There should be no doubt to our children where the Lord ranks.  This shows up in the way we serve and love them and in what we prioritize.

One thought on “#9 of 15

  1. What blessed thoughts for today. Parenting is truly an awesome job and gift from God. These were such wise guidelines for parents. Thank you for sharing.

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