That Smell

Our offices are not the biggest place.  A person the other day in the office warmed up some soup and was eating it at their desk.  The aroma from the soup floated throughout the office.  In each office you could smell it.  In each corner, through each door and throughout the open spaces the smell made its way.  Now the good news for me was I liked the smell of this particular kind of soup.  But what if I had not.  Then I would have been surrounded by an unpleasant aroma.  As this situation happened, I could not help but think of the idea of our lives being an aroma to something.  The Bible describes a reality that we often do not think about.  Each member of humanity is offering some time of worship or aroma to some god or gods or idol.  Our aroma to what we worship shows up in an aroma that others experience.  It made me think, is my or your aroma pleasing.  An aroma that is pleasing to God will often be pleasing to others.  There are times where I will please God and it will offend others.  That said, the best chance to offer an aroma that is pleasing to the world is to offer what that is pleasing to God.  So here is the question, what do people smell when you are make your way into the room?

One thought on “That Smell

  1. Very interesting thought. I will try to strive to be the sweet aroma of Jesus and His love for sinners such as I. Oh how He loves us and all of our bad aromas.

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