Trust Me

My daughter was getting out of the car the other day.  She is 4 and the car is a CRV.  She was standing on the edge of the car where the door shuts.  I was walking to the door of our home and as I was walking by I kept encouraging her to get down and follow me.  She just stood there and then finally said it is too far.  She said I will get hurt and there is too much space to fall.  Of course this was not true.  She was going to be fine.  It was going to be a little jump that was different and had more risk than her normal way of climbing down, and putting her feet on the ground.  But she was going to be fine.  As her dad, I knew she was going to be fine.  I needed her to trust me.  As this all played out, one big thought and several supporting thoughts about following my heavenly Father came to mind from this little incident.  If your heavenly Father says it is ok to jump, you can trust Him.  That said, here are just a couple thoughts on jumping.

  1. Jumping takes courage each time you have time to jump
  2. You have to believe your heavenly Father has your best interest at heart
  3. Recall the times you jumped before when called and how it was ok even though you were scared
  4. Even if you get hurt, there was a reason you were asked to jump

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