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Today is the last day.  The last day of 2012.  We have brought yet another year to conclusion.  The end of one thing and the beginning of another is always a good time for evaluation.  This is true when a sports season ends/begins, a semester wraps up, a move into a new city transpires or a new job starts.  would argue that many people do not move forward because they refuse to have honest/critical personal assessments.  It is so important to learn from both the good and bad of the various seasons of our lives.  Here are some questions to think about as you look back at your last year:

  • Did you more deeply invest in those who are closest to you?  
  • Were you generous to others in 2012?  (A key thought to this is really examining how you even gage this.)
  • How well did you take care of your body this past year?
  • Did you make your city, town, neighborhood a better place to live?
  • Were you willing to risk and try something you have always wanted to this past year?
  • What is one big change you plan to make in 2013?

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