#7 of 15

Here we go again.  We are almost halfway through our profile of mature/ maturing believers.

  1. Engages in regular conversation with God
  2. Lives out life that is others focused
  3. Dispenses forgiveness quickly
  4. Presents a teachable disposition for life and ministry
  5. Has a missional mindset and focus
  6. Owns the ministry of the local church

#7 – Processes life and decisions through the Bible

God revealed himself to humanity through the person of Jesus.  He also revealed His heart and His plan through the Bible.  God shares the redemptive story in the 66 books that make up the Bible.  God used human beings to write the Bible, but ultimately what is recorded is from God.  God via the Holy Spirit led these individual authors to pen down what He desired.  As a result, Christians see the Bible as the Word of God.  It is God-breathed, God inspired, and God directed and therefore authoritative.

The Bible becomes the authority for a Christian in all areas of life.  It shapes and directs our parenting, our spending, our character, our dreams, our wants, our focus, our schedules, and so on.  Maturing believers in Jesus process all of life through the grid of the Bible.  What the Bible says trumps what the world, or Oprah, or your professor, or even your family says.  As a result you want to know, study, memorize, and share what the Bible teaches.


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