#6 of 15

Time to for another post in the series on mature/ maturing disciples.  I hope to continue to try and flush out a profile of these types of individuals.

  1. Engages in regular conversation with God
  2. Lives out life that is others focused
  3. Dispenses forgiveness quickly
  4. Presents a teachable disposition for life and ministry
  5. Has a missional mindset and focus

#6 – Owns the ministry of the local church.  

Believers love what God loves.  He loves the church.  He died for her.  He continually shapes, grows, refines and serves the bride of Christ.  The church is people and this is what Jesus died for.  He did not die for buildings or institutions or events.  He died for flesh and blood.  The church is called out people who are living, proclaiming and representing the kingdom of God on earth.  There is so much more that could be written here, but let me move on by just stating that the church is people.

These people have a model in the Bible that shows they assembled into regional gatherings.  People gathered in public places in cities or in fields or in people’s homes.  They assembled and were commanded to continue to do so.  In these gatherings, the people who would gather would be gifted.  Each person is uniquely gifted and created by God for life and ultimately His mission.  People are called in multiple places (Ephesians 4, Romans 12, 1 Corinthians 12) to put those gifts to use through the local gatherings of believers.  These gifts would minister to and grow believers and nonbelievers alike.

So here is the deal.  Christians are owners, not renters.  They care about the local church.  They get involved and make it the best it can be.  Saved people serve people through the local church (and outside the church as well).  Each person brings something to the table that no one else does.  Each local community needs that.  We are to be committed and devoted to one another and one of the ways this shows up is that we leverage our gifts and talents through the local church.

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