I want you to know that this post is not meant to condemn or be condescending to those who smoke cigarettes.  I understand that there are many reasons why people end up making cigarette smoking a habit in their lives.  But there is something that I am reminded of almost every time I see people smoking.  Information does not automatically mean transformation.  There is clear information on the box that says these things are addictive and bad for you.  The information is clearly in front of the user when they start this behavior.  There is no doubt that partaking in smoking has a down side.  People know this and do not care.  (By the way this is true with lots of things in our lives including exercise, dipping our french fries in ranch and changing our oil.)  So many scream that if people were just educated it would lead to changed behavior.  The be all end all is that people need to know more.  Now I am absolutely for education.  Be here is the reality… transformation does not begin with education it begins with prioritization.  

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