#4 of 15

Here is what we have covered so far in the list of traits of maturing/ mature disciples.

  1. Engage in regular conversation with God
  2. Lives out life that is others focused
  3. Dispenses forgiveness quickly

#4 – Presents a teachable disposition for life and ministry

Christians should continually be humble enough to learn until they die.  They should learn more about God, about themselves, about others, about ministry, and so on.  Proverbs 9:9 reminds us that wise people are always adding to their learning.  Fools reject new knowledge or techniques or opportunities.  The best leaders are great learners.  The best players are constantly learning.  The best musicians realize they never arrive.  There is something in God’s economy about always being willing to learn and grow.  Teachability reflects a clear understanding that the gap between who you are and who God is and who God wants you to be is never even close to be closed.

In fact, as a pastor, you can learn a lot about a person based on how teachable he or she is.  I know that one of the key elements I look for in people I am going to pour my life into, whether for staff positions or for one-on- one discipleship or future leadership, is if the person is clearly teachable.

One thought on “#4 of 15

  1. I am studying a book written by M. R. DeHaan on Hebrews and it is going right along with your messages in this current series. Very Very interesting. Obviously I need this lesson since I am getting it from two different sources. Thank you Pastor Keith. May you and your family have a very Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving.

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