#3 of 15

This post is the 3rd in the series of 15.  I would invite you to go back and read the previous 2 or at least the first one in this series (called #1 of 15) to have some context.  The quick version is that our church leadership has done its best to try and highlight what it means to have Jesus at the center of your life.  What are the traits of a mature and maturing disciple.

Here is what we have said so far:

  1. Engage in regular conversation with God
  2. Lives out a life that is others focused

#3 – Dispenses forgiveness quickly

The Bible says that Christians/ disciples of Jesus are to forgive as the Lord forgives them.  The Lord forgives repeatedly and completely.  He forgives regardless of how many times the person has committed the SAME offense.  He forgives quickly and without hesitation.  It is not about fairness or potentially being burned again.  Jesus has demonstrated the model of what forgiveness looks like on the cross.  And at the cross, Jesus provided a way for people to move past constant mental crucifixion or resentment of another person, because you are able to trust in God’s justice.

Christians are to forgive and they are to do it quickly.  Forgive spouse, kids, friends, bosses, coaches, leaders, neighbors, etc.  If you are a professing Christian, ask yourself if your life is marked not just by the forgiveness reality you have experienced through Jesus, but that you are a person who forgives.

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