The Last 11 months

The last 11 months of my life have just been incredible.  There have been some amazing ups as well as some significant trials.  Here is just a snapshot of some of the last 11 months:

  • I spent 12 days in Israel and Jordan
  • my wife miscarried a baby boy after 16 weeks of pregnancy
  • our church sold our building and we started doing portable church in a high school
  • my 7 year old son got baptized
  • I had significant speaking and job opportunities in several places around the country
  • I spent 10 days in Kenya
  • my wife miscarried a baby girl after 13 weeks of pregnancy
  • I hit some real personal ministry bumps
  • my parent’s sold the house I grew up in

I was pondering these events and so much more.  I thought about many things.  But I kept coming back to one thought over and over.  I do not want to waste any of these experiences.   I want to take the good and bad, the victories and the struggles, the beautiful images and the horrific ones, and I want to grow, bless others and honor God as a result of them.

2 thoughts on “The Last 11 months

  1. A heart like yours, humbled to serve and loving the Lord, will never “waste” any experience. Tho we may not understand how they “fit” in God’s plan (this side of eternity) you, my friend, will always be one who takes advantage of every “gift” from His hands, and uses it to bring Him glory.

  2. In order to be relevant to others, we must experience the highs and lows of life. The good and the bad. Anyone who seeks not to be hurt, will miss out on the best God has to offer us.

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