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I shared in a previous post that our church, like many churches, has tried to create a target of what it means to be a disciple.  Our leadership has worked hard to ask ourselves what do fully devoted followers look like.  As we have processed that, we have created a list that gives a target. This target allows us as a church to help evaluate if we are cultivating people who are growing in their faith in the right direction.  I wanted to take several posts and share the attributes that we see in mature followers of Christ.

#1 – Engage in regular conversation with God

#2 – Lives out a life that is others-focused.

Maturing disciples understand that the very nature of God is to give.  God gave of himself through the person of Christ.  We see in Philippians 2 this idea that Christians are to not only consider their interests, but the interests of others and this mindset and lifestyle is clearly seen in Jesus and his taking on of flesh, coming to earth, becoming a servant and dying on the cross.  Those who want to fully honor God understand how important it is to truly love your neighbor as yourself.  Imagine that.  You give others the same kind of food…shelter…clothing…grace…education…medicine…training…patience…forgiveness…hope…you give yourself.  Wow.  Disciples have eyes that are focused on others.  They shift from themselves to others.  There is so much to celebrate in this kind of life.

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