The Funk

I am in a funk right now.  The details about my funk are irrelevant for this post.  Plus I also have good people who are in my life who know what I am processing and how I am working through stuff.  That said, I do think it would be helpful to articulate what are some things I am doing in the middle of this phase and how I am navigating my funk.  We all go through various funks, challenges and trials.  In the middle of these times, there are some things that I lean into.  I find these incredibly helpful.  You may as well.  (Please know that this post is not a plea for help, sympathy or even prayers.)

What I LEAN into:

  • The reality that I will not be here forever.  There will be a day I am not here anymore.  That encourages me.
  • The truths of the Bible.  I believed them before my funk, and they are true whether I feel like they are  true or not.
  • The hope of Jesus Christ.  My faith in Jesus and my understanding of who He is and what He has done for me provide hope in any funk.
  • The close people in my life.  I am really grateful for wife, family, colleagues and friends who do not feel the need to talk about what I am processing, but just keep doing life with me in a way that encourages normalcy.
  • The experience of seeing people in far worse funks and situations.  There is something about perspective.

6 thoughts on “The Funk

  1. “The Funk” is a tool of the enemy – a potent one against those who love the Lord most. he can’t separate you from Christ, but he can deaden your joy. been there. Two other “strategies:” worship and praise. Even in the pitch blackness, praise lights a way out. Love you, brother.

  2. One more bullet point to consider?

    Even in said “funk” you are being used to grow and stretch my understanding of Scripture and even better so, causing me to be uprooted and refocused. Not an easy feat when dealing with someone as prideful as myself :/ So thank you!

  3. Thank you for sharing this. I found myself in a bit of a funk last week when I was completely blindsided while facing some emotions that I thought I had already dealt with, but I was wrong. I, personally, relied on a few of the things that you mentioned to lift my spirits: I turned to the Bible, close friends, and I did ask for prayer. When I sat back and reflected on all of those raging feelings I felt, I learned that while I feel I have made a lot of progress, my heart is still tender at times.

  4. Thank you for posting this. It’s encouraging to know you are not afraid of admitting your weaknesses publicly. The best part is the “lean” as it has been difficult for me to deal with my past funks. Moving forward these truths will help me.

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