Passion –> Action

Unless you are living under a rock you know that there is an election going on in the US right now.  The debate last night had people fired up, or at least that is what my Twitter and Facebook feeds told me.  People who are in the boat with one candidate thought there guy won and the other guy was rude and a liar.  This was true from both sides of the aisle.

I aim to be a responsible citizen and will certainly vote (as we all should.)  I am certainly no expert with politics.  And I will always keep politics out of the church I pastor.  I think the more political a church becomes, the less of a church it is.  But what I am pretty good at spotting is passion and vision and then seeing people who execute base on that passion and vision.  I see some super passionate people regarding this political stuff.  What if we took some of that passion and vision for change and help you are wanting for a person and put into your own life.  What if you and I turned our OUTRAGE into OUTREACH.  What if many of us who are screaming, yelling, arguing, pointing and criticizing began acting.  We began to address stuff that needs to change regardless of who is in the office.  Let’s think about acting appropriately regardless of the oval office.

Here are some things that have to change regardless of who is President:

  • The sex slave and trafficking industry has to be fought.
  • Marriages and families need to be seen as important and valued.
  • People are addicted to prescription pills and other drugs and need some tangible help.
  • Those who have a lot need to learn to be more generous to those who are struggling.
  • Some individuals will make bad decisions or catch bad breaks or be born into tough situations and they will need food, medicine, support, training, etc.
  • Greed will continue to destroy homes, lives, companies and relationships.
  • Unexpected pregnancy will continue to put women in a place where they need love.
  • There are lonely, hurting people who need to be told the bully is wrong and that they matter.

One thought on “Passion –> Action

  1. Excellent overview of what is wrong in America today. Each of your points are very important and need our prayer and action/

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