You, yes you.  You matter to God.  I am blown away by how many people I have talked to lately who are either going through a tough time or are just flat out depressed.  When I spend some time chatting with people and drill down to the core of their feelings, oftentimes their thoughts center around them feeling like their lives do not matter or count.  They feel like things are out of control.  They feel like life and even their existence is an accident.  You need to know this:  The trinity (God) has never been shocked by your birth and your life situation.  He knows and He cares.  Never forget that the creator of the universe values you and knows every hair on your head.  Know that He has conspired for your good.  Know that He wants to be a part of your life.  Know that He died for you.  Know that you matter to Creator of the universe and that He will never leave you.

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