Make It Happen

Grace Fellowship, I want to remind you of the challenge presented during last week’s message.  At the end of our message, we were challenged to deal with our Inwardfocusia.  We do this by getting our eyes off ourselves and on Jesus.  When we fix our eyes on Jesus, we focus on others.  When we focus on others, we serve others.  The challenge was to try and have eyes that are not on ourselves but others (and serve them) by bringing in medicine for the Shelter of Hope ministry in Kenya and by inviting someone to service this weekend.  Here are a few thoughts for each part of this challenge.

Bringing Medicine for Shelter of Hope

  1. There will be drop off bins in the lobby of the high school on Sunday.
  2. Bring the following types of items – tylenol, bandaids, Pepto Bismol tablets, Neosporin, sinus medicine, gauze (over the counter for all medicines)
  3. If most of us are willing to spend $15 on medicine, we will have unbelievable crop of product to send.

Inviting a Friend – I know that for many inviting a friend to church is challenging and scary.  You may have never done it.  Here are some thoughts.

  1. Tell them a time and place to meet you, so you can walk them through a process that is unfamiliar to them from the very beginning.
  2. Promise to buy them lunch and then pony up and make it happen.
  3. Share with them how much you love them and that you have been meaning to do this for a long time.  Let them know what an important part of your life God is and you want to share that.
  4. Prepare them for what to expect for their kids and for themselves as far as the service and flow of the morning. (Be sure they know our kids ministry is safe and fun.)
  5. Don’t chicken out.  You can do it.  Make the ask.
  6. Pray before you ask.

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