Healthy churches reproduce.  This reproducing shows up in many ways.  There is the reproduction of leaders, groups, servants, ministry and just the idea of disciples period.  But a significant way churches are to reproduce is to plant or help plant other churches.  I believe when you read the Bible,  you see that part of the making and reproduction of disciples is the reproduction of churches.  Grace Fellowship wants to be a church where we are a part of church planting.  We have taken various roles in the church multiplication process including helping with some church planting work in New York City.  Our most recent and focused effort in connection to church planting is our partnership with Movement Church.  Movement Church is a church plant in Hilliard, Ohio.  We are really excited to be supporting and partnering with Mark and Kristin Artip and their church plant team.  Below is a prayer time we had for the Artrips and Movement church at our service a few weeks back.  I hope Grace Fellowship as a church is excited as I am about what God is going to do through this group of people and the role we get to play in it.

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