The Cheerleaders

I was at my son’s flag football game the other day.  The teams in his league all have NFL names.  My son plays for the Packers.  This particular day, his game was the game of the week.  They were playing the Steelers.  Both teams got introduced before the game and there were cheerleaders by his field.  Both the introductions and the cheerleaders were not normal occurrences, so I noticed both of them.  The cheerleaders were in generic uniforms and were not cheering for one team.  In fact, the cheerleaders each week just cheer at the same field where the game of the week is and they cheer for whoever is there.  They cheer for whatever teams and whatever players are put in front of them.  I thought to myself wouldn’t it be great if more people were like this.  What if you were the kind of person that cheered for others.  What if you cheered for those God put in front of you on a daily basis? Imagine you cheered for those at work, at school, at home, in the oval office, in traffic and so on.  People who will cheer for others are like gold.  Be one of those people.  

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