I have noticed that what people feel seems to define how they interact with others.  Feelings like joy, insecurity, fear, happiness, sadness drive the way people interact with others.  This is not a shocking revelation.  What people are feeling is how people behave.  But as I have interacted with people, I have observed something that is below the surface.  This observation is to me the key piece of better relational interactions.  What we focus on is what we feel.  I am learning that what people are thinking about and dwelling on drives their feelings.  Then their feelings drive their actions.  So here is the key…focus on the right stuff.  We need to make sure that our minds are in the right place.  If we can get there, our personal climate will change.  And this will change the way we can interact with others for the better.  So see the good, the positive.  Move past the dark, the dull, and the difficult.  Change your focus…it will change your relationships.

One thought on “Shift

  1. This is such good advice. My prayer is that I will live in the light, the shiny, the good and leave the dark, dull, and bad behind. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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