Humbled Again

I was privileged to to be able journey to Kenya with three other folks for a 10 day journey.  It was such a blessing.  God has allowed me to be fortunate enough to see several parts of the globe and each and every time, my should is moved by so much.  Here are just a few things about my trip that were exciting and humbling.

  1. The corporate worship of the church in Kenya is so encouraging and humbling.  These people believe that the tomb is empty and Jesus is alive.  It moved my soul to watch them sing, dance, slap and shout for God.  I wish there was more joy and passion in the church in North America.
  2. I am humbled to once again meet and watch people who have so little have so much joy and contentment.  They have nothing, and I mean nothing, yet they have everything.  Watching this grows my faith and stretches my character.
  3. Never take for granted your next meal and your job.  Billions of people do not live with these realities so many take for granted.
  4. If you ever get a chance to go on a safari, do not let it pass.  Go…it is incredible.
  5. My three teammates encouraged me and taught me throughout our journey.  I was blessed by their presence.
  6. Spend 10 minutes in the slums of Nairobi and it will alter your worldview forever.
  7. God is doing some amazing things through my brother Ishmael and his ministry Shelter of Hope.  I am looking forward to Grace Fellowship partnering with this ministry.
  8. I love the way the message of Jesus transcends all cultures and meets any person in any time zone right where they are.  The global church is a beautiful thing.

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