Back To School

It is the time of the year where going back to school is on everyone’s mind.  We decided to have some fun with that idea as we launch our teachers, administrators, and students on mission back to their schools.  Enjoy Kay-Z and the gang as they prepare everyone for the “back to school” season.

2 thoughts on “Back To School

  1. What a powerful message we heard at Grace Fellowship yesterday. I always leave so inspired. I hope I radiate what I have learned that others might see their need of Jesus as Savior. It was brought to my mind yesterday of an incident two years ago when my Down Syndrome son had that terrible flu and was hospitalized. My other three sons, my daughter-in-law, and myself were all in his room and a nurse came in and said she had never seen so much love in one room. I don’t know if she realized what that love was or not but it wasn’t human love but the love of Jesus radiating out from each one of us as Jesus embraced each one of us with His love. It is so true what an awesome God we serve. Thank you Pastor Keith for not being ashamed of the name of Jesus as so many of the organized religions are today. They refuse to step on anyone’s toes by preaching Jesus and Him crucified, dead, buried, and raised in newness of life that we might have eternal life if we open our hearts and receive His free gift of Grace. I am so blessed.

  2. Keith I just love you and your family and how you bless us here at Grace. I cannot “do” much right now due to lack of transportation, (and funds) but cannot wait until I can because I have “received so much from Grace and have had so little to give. I look forward to the day that changes. For now, I am just blessed beyond measure and grateful for you and your family and all you give. I love you all like crazy…….. God Bless You All!!!! Thank you…. really! :o)

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