I have shared several times in this blog how much I love food.  I really do.  Food is truly a joy.  I introduced my son to Man vs Food the other day and as we were watching I was thinking how much I want to go eat at those places.  I love when someone tells me about a great meal at a great place I would not have known about.  Many experts say Columbus, Ohio is the third best place to open a restaurant (behind LA and New York City).  As I have eaten my way across Columbus, here are some of my favorite dishes at my favorite places.  I would love to hear some of yours.

  1. Cap City Diner – Romano crusted chicken
  2. Brio – Lobster bisque and bistecca insalata
  3. Lindeys – any steak
  4. Columbus Fish Market – Salmon Shanghai style
  5. Easy Street – wings or gyro
  6. Nancy’s Restaurant – whatever they are serving
  7. Flat Iron – french fries and any sandwich
  8. Old Bag of Nails – Clam chowder
  9. Planks Cafe – pepperoni, sausage and mushroom pizza
  10. PF Changs – chicken lettuce wraps

8 thoughts on “Yum

  1. Onion loaf from the now closed Damon’s. I loved that. I have the recipe but have not been brave enough to try it. Maybe I should open The Onion Loaf. I can always dream.

  2. Ohio Deli – Amazing Fries and Great Sandwiches
    Milestone 229 – Shrimp and Grits
    Thurman’s Cafe – All Burgers are Amazing
    Schmidts – Lunch Buffet and a Cream Puff, If you can handle all that

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