Keep It Separate

I love collaboration.  I love seeing people come together to do something incredible.  It is true that the sum of people working together is so much more powerful than all those individuals functioning individually.  But here is the thing, collaboration is hard.  Working as a team is tough.  Working with talented, gifted people is even harder.  Over the years, I have seen some principles rise to the surface of successful teams.  I was reminded of one of those crucial principles a few days ago.

Great teams are made up of people who have both great ideas and of people who are willing to share those ideas.  But great teams also have people who can live with their ideas not being what is selected.  People must learn this reality.   You are not your idea.  When someone criticizes or goes against a thought or idea that you have, it is not a personal attack.  The best teams and the best collaborators want the best idea; they do not simply want their way.  Keep how people feel about you and your suggested plan separate.  They are not the same.  The best teams are made up of people who function in this reality.

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