Like a whole host of others, I watched the Olympics.  I am not one of those Olympic nuts, but I did enjoy much of the drama and stories that were created during those couple weeks.  As I was watching them, I kept making mental notes.  Here are a few things I thought about during the Olympics (they are incredibly random):

  1. The balance beam is one scary beast.  Just standing on that thing is intense.  What those girls do is just incredible.  I am a sweaty, nervous mess just watching them.  I can not imagine performing on that death trap,
  2. Bob Costas is good at his job.  He has a great presence and demeanor for that kind of gig.
  3. The Olympics remind me what is possible with focus and intensity over a period of time.  No think any of those people are overnight successes because you did not know them before.  The power to create muscle memory to that stuff is spectacular.
  4. I think there are some sports that have to go:  walking, trampoline and ribbon dancing or gymnastics or whatever it is called, and handball.
  5. The men on the high bar are straight crazy.  In fact I feel that way about most of the divers as well.  There is a level where you just can not care about your body.
  6. As much as people who do not like sports and want sports to quit being discussed, the Olympics remind us that competition is a language that transcends culture and language.
  7. God has created human beings to be able to do some mind blowing things with their bodies.  He truly is the master creator.  And the human body is amazing.
  8. The 4×100 men’s relay was an incredible event.  The race lived up to the hype and the USA and Jamaica both delivered.  If you have not seen it, I say find it on youtube or something.
  9. I would have a hard time competing in a sport that is subjective and not objective.  I want to know that that have control on the winning or losing.
  10. I wonder how much money London made.

2 thoughts on “Olympics

  1. Thank you for your random thoughts on the Olympics. I wish I had the desire to be an olympian in something. I guess I could medal in sitting and daydreaming.

  2. I wonder how the people who come to represent impoverished countries feel being there… That the money that went into the event could easily save all of the deaths from starvation in their country. I imagine that it would be overwhelming…

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