The Dash

Some day you are going to be a dash ( – ).  Every person’s life here on earth gets reduced to a tiny little line.  I was reminded of this not long ago while walking through a graveyard at a funeral.  For some we will get 3 years, others 30 and some 90.  But for ALL of us, we will some day be a dash.  I keep thinking about the line from Gladiator where Maximus says, “What you do now will echo through eternity.”  In essence, what you do with your life has eternal effects and consequences.  When people see your dash what will they think?  What will they remember?  Will they be inspired?  Will the dash create pain or joy?  I think one of the ways to make the dash count is to live with wisdom.  And I think part of gaining wisdom is perspective.  Psalm 90:12 states that we should learn to number our days, so that we might gain wisdom.  When we see each day as a gift and is part of the dash, we seem to live on purpose.  Something about understanding the blessing and fragility of life inspires living a life that is worth living.  Make your dash count.

One thought on “The Dash

  1. Got a little closer to the dash today. I went to renew my driver’s license and at first they were not going to give it to me but she gave me a second chance and I was able to read four out of six numbers so she just restricted my driving to daytime. It kind of brings the fact closer to home that life is getting shorter. I know I can’t do all the things I used to do but that is because of disease and just old age–this is the first time anyone has told me I can’t do something because I am growing older. takes away a tiny bit of my freedom and I have to say I don’t like it much.

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