Rolling Around In My Head

I am big on personal reflection and examination.  I spend a fair amount of time processing things in my head (probably too much if I am honest).  I have been processing some unique, and what I believe are important, things regarding myself and leadership.  The following is a list of things I have been thinking through and as a result I have been trying to help others think through as well.

  1. Do people think that the only time I contact them is when I need something from them?  I want people to know I value them not for what they can DO, but for who they ARE.
  2. Do the people who know me the most, respect me the most?  Could those who are closest to me testify to my character?
  3. What is the reaction people have when I walk into a room?  Are they glad? Encouraged? Scared? Hopeful? Frustrated? Stressed?
  4. Do others feel like I trust them and am giving them a chance to fail and succeed?  If ability is shown in your PRESENCE and leadership is shown in your ABSENCE, then I need to make sure I am being absent where I should be.
  5. Am I viewed as a hard worker?  I think most people are lazy.  I never want people to think I am just getting by.  Am I associated with hard work?
  6. Would people think of me as an encourager or as someone always picking out others’ flaws?
  7. Do people see me as someone who would help them if they had a problem at home?  Would they think I would help them move into a new house?  Do they think I would be willing to watch their kids?  I want to be seen as more than some one who just does my job well.  I want people around me to know I am for them.
  8. Do those I lead think I talk about them behind their backs?  I am not saying do I speak celebratory stuff about them to others, but rather do they think I am tearing them down.

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