Bugs and Waves

I was out on Lake Erie fishing with my dad and brother on Friday.  We were on our annual charter fishing trip.  Over the course of the day we caught lots of fish and it was a great time.  Early on in the day, there was a breeze coming over the water.  The breeze was nice because it was so hot, but the breeze was making the water a little rough.  So I remember thinking, it would be nice if the breeze stops.  So later on the breeze stopped.  Once the breeze stopped, bugs came out and began to hover around.  The captain of our charter said, “well the bugs are out, because the wind died.”  So I remember thinking, it is either going to be wind or bugs.  As I thought about this, something hit me.  There are things that do not seem pleasant to us, but those things may be protecting us from something else that is bad or something that is even worse.  Be careful not to wish away certain circumstances, your current situation may be protecting you. The tough job might be protecting you from unemployment.  The red light may have kept you from the ticket.  The disappointing relationship may have saved a bad marriage.

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