Coca Cola

I really like Coca Cola.  I grew up on the stuff and it was at every event we had as a kid.  I love the whole line of soda products like Dr. Pepper, Sprite, and especially Root Beer.  In fact even more than Coca Cola, I love Root Beer…it is my favorite.  I would drink Coke and Root Beer all the time.  I mean every meal and every event I attend.  But I know this stuff is bad.  Really bad…so bad they are not making it illegal to drink certain size amounts of the stuff in various states…I digress (a topic for another day).  In this little battle of to drink the cola or not drink the cola, we see a significant principle showing its face.  Just because you want it, does not mean it is best for you.  I am learning this over and over.  I am seeing the fruits of learning to say no to things just because I like it or want it.  Imagine you could learn to say yes to the things that are best for you.  But to do this, we must learn to say no to some other things we really like.

3 thoughts on “Coca Cola

  1. You have amazing knowledge about things that I wrestle with. I can’t believe I have lived almost 79 years and continue to flounder and lose site of what I know to be the most important things in my life. I continually lose faith and try to do it on my own knowing full well that I am going to fall flat on my face once again. I believe that old adage “We grow too soon old and too late schmart,”

  2. Following your advice and having more will power would be a welcome thing for me! With exercise, it took me forever before I could form a habit to pedal on an exercise bike (I used to be obese); now, I don’t feel right if I miss a day of exercise. Maybe will power is tied to good habits. Now, maybe I could form good habits for being more Christ-like!

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