We all face many moments of maybe in our lives.  These moments present us with the tension of choosing to be the type of person God wants us to be versus choosing who we want to be in that moment.  These are the moments when you are about to sign a corrupt business deal, or have the affair, or cheat on the test, or tell the lie to make yourself look better, or drink too much, or not give when you could have, or admit a wrong when asked.  You get the point.  There is the maybe I will or maybe I will not.  Never underestimate the moment of maybe and its potential results.  Families have been ruined at this moment.  Churches have been destroyed.  Reputations have been lost.  Great opportunities to help others have been squandered.  A person’s character has been changed in these moments.  When you face these moments, choose God and His ways.  Choose what will give God the most glory.  Turn the moment of maybe into a moment of worship and submission.  You will be glad you did.

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