Talking Playoff Basketball

I wanted to write some thoughts down about my evaluation of the Miami Heat as I have watched them in the Boston series.  Now those who know me well, know that I am rooting like crazy for the Heat to lose, but that said I have tried to be very fair and honest as I have thought through who they are.  The following are things I believe will still be true even if they come back to win this series.  Most of these I have thought for the last two years, but this series has made some stuff really clear.

  1. They do not have chemistry.  It was a fear when LBJ and Wade came together.  Could they really play together?  That fear has come true time after time over the last 2 years.  They both need the ball.  They both get stationary without the ball.  The rest of team does not root for each other or bring the best out of each other the way great chemistry does.  There is a ton of talent, but not much chemistry.  People have confused great fast break plays as chemistry.  That has just been displays of talent.
  2. They are frontrunners who do not how to play well with pressure.  They are incredible with a lead.  They are incredible when their stars are feeling good about themselves.  But when there is adversity, they do not have the “it” to overcome. You can see it on their faces in tight games.
  3. They are too “hollywood”.  These guys care more about their brands and net worth than winning.  They want to win, but their passion for style is more clear than their passion for victories.
  4. Spoelstra is an average coach.  Doc (who is one of the three best coaches in the league) is out coaching him something fierce.  Their late game lack of organization is inexcusable.  He lacks fire and resolve on the bench.
  5. LBJ lacks the “gene” to close the deal.  There may not have ever been a player with the physical gifts that he has that has played in the NBA.  But between the ears, he just does not have it.  Paul Pierce, Kobe, Jordan, Dirk, Durant, and others have had it and do have it, but he does not.  He far too often becomes a spectator when it matters most.  He calls deferring making the right basketball play.  He just does not have it.
  6. They are cry babies.  Those guys complain about calls every play.  This has cost them a lot of points in this series.  Shut up and play.

3 thoughts on “Talking Playoff Basketball

  1. I love everything about this. When I texted you last night after the game I was thinking that exact thing. No chemistry and what a bunch of winers. Wade played hard at the end, Lebron was nowhere at the end of that game.

  2. Great thoughts Keith , I’d like to add the contrast between those you mentioned ( those who have It and those who don’t ) which ones grew up with there father involed in there life

  3. If you compare the players of this team – and churches that are not growing, but filled with dissension, it’s an amazing contrast. Players should have a heart for the game, the team and the end goal. Less self centered – and willing to fill in the gaps for those struggling. Stop whining when things get tough – but trust in the coach to lead and teach them.

    It’s HIS responsibility.

    The same with our ourselves personally – as the Body of Christ. If we rely only on our talents to witness, and are not bearing the fruits of the Holy Spirit – (joy, peace, love, kindness, gentleness, goodness, and self control), then our talents are wasted (more self centered, usually, because our hearts may not be focused on Him). Fruit bearing believers benefit the “team”, by edifying their siblings, filling in the gaps for those struggling, and coming together as Christ intended the body to do. Many are whining because they didn’t get the leadership roles, the solo, or are feeling overwhelmed, causing strife and discontent. This is where our team, filled by grace and mercy,evidenced by fruits of the Holy Spirit (these are impossible from ourselves) is the ointment and the cure, bringing all the diversities together for one cause and goal – to show Him to a lost world.

    He is our coach, our leader, our Savior. It’s HIS responsibility to give us the fruits. It’s our responsibility to be the willing vessels and let HIM shine through the players. Less us – more Him !

    Just sharing a lesson this week from Charles Stanley – and it was a great comparison! . God Bless 🙂

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