I was thinking the other day about certain things that make me smile.  Some of these are bigger deals than others, but all of them make me smile and bring me joy.  I found that making a list was worthwhile on several fronts.  Maybe my list will give some good ideas.  Finding and basking in the things that bring you joy have a way of making life even sweeter.  

Here are some things that always bring me joy:

  1. my son (6) and daughter (4) singing top 40 music in the car
  2. any time my wife laughs
  3. seeing anyone grow in his or relationship with Jesus
  4. watching my friends who are leaders succeed
  5. reflecting how lucky I am to have my parents, my brother and my sister
  6. seeing my kids learn something new that they were afraid of
  7. anytime the Miami Heat lose
  8. remembering where Grace Fellowship has been and where it is going
  9. eating good food
  10. time on the water

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