I Did It

My daughter (she is 4) walked into the room where I was reading the other day.  She looked at me and simply said, “I did it.”  It caught me off guard.  I asked, “What did you do?”  She said, “Come here and I will show you.”  I walked into the room where she had been playing with her ponies and saw that she had spilled her milk.  She did do it.  She had spilled the milk.  I looked at her and said “thank you for coming and getting me and telling me.”  She did something I think is really important.  She confessed on her own.  She did not need to be asked or confronted.  Confession is always better that being forced to admit.  There is something about coming clean on your own that is so powerful.  It does not mean that there is not milk to clean up, but confessing it is the way to go.

What is something you are involved in or addicted to or hiding that if brought to surface and you had to admit would hurt others, embarrass your family, shame your God, and so on?  I want to suggest that we learn to confess before we have to admit.  Go public with it your own will rather than the will of someone else.

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