Quickly Forget

I was driving to a meeting a few weeks back and on the way I passed a hospital.  This hospital was the site of a significant event about a year ago in my family.  My nephew had fallen off the ladder of a high dive and whacked his head pretty good.  In fact, my nephew had cracked his skull.  The situation got kind of scary as the time was unfolding.  I remember being in that hospital petitioning God for certain things.  I also remember driving home and praying to God and seeking him for a variety of things in that situation.  My prayers at the hospital, and from the car, and those from home were all answered.  They were answered quickly and completely.  I remember for the first few days after this thanking God.  But since then, I have not thanked God for his mercy in answering those requests.  Not once.  It is so easy to forget God’s faithfulness and mercy.  I am so prone to just accept God’s insane generosity and then move on without ever thinking about his personal care in that specific situation ever again.

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