Old School

We crossed the border of Jordan back into Israel today. We made our way to Jericho. This city is considered one of the oldest cities in the world. They have made some recent archeological discoveries in the last 2 years that have opened up the reality of potentially finding the city from the story of Joshua in the Bible. It is really fascinating. Several of us went and got baptized (for all of us it was not our first baptism)near Gideon’s spring, which feeds the Jordan, as a way of professing our faith again publicly. Our day then took us to Beit Shan. This city shows up in 1 Samuel 31 in the Bible. It is the location of Saul’s death. At the foot of the hill of this city are ruins from another city that is around 1700 years old. The ruins were incredible. There is an amphitheater, a main road, the main marketplace and bath houses that are all clearly seen. Walking amongst the ruins and checking them out from the top of the hill at Beit Shan were awesome.

We are staying right on the Sea of Galilee tonight. Tomorrow we take a boat road on this body of water….which is the very water Jesus walked on. Yes, mind blowing.

So many lessons are surfacing, but here is a little one that came to mind today as we viewed a sycamore tree like the one Zacheus would have climbed to hear Jesus teach. I was reminded that Jesus engages and cares for those that no one else wants to…the heart of the Lord is so other.




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